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Proudly serving the legal needs of small businesses and concerned citizens throughout California since 2002

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Founded in 2002 by attorney Cory Briggs, Briggs Law Corporation has always been dedicated to fighting for the underdog.  In commercial matters, this means giving small and family-owned businesses the backbone of a thriving local and national economy and the same quality of legal representation that they’d find at a large corporate firm but without the big-firm price.  In public-interest matters, this translates into standing up to the government, politicians, and big corporations when they break rules designed to protect taxpayers, the public, and our environment. Visit our Southern California law offices located in San Diego and the Inland Empire for professional legal representation.

What We Do

Areas Of Expertise

Small Business Law

Our law firm handles a wide variety of business matters and even offers several non-business related services knowing small-businesses are often family-owned. We are dedicated to giving the public and small businesses the same quality legal representation without the big-firm attorney fees.

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Government Accountability & Public-Interest Litigation

For 20+ years, we’ve successfully litigated lawsuits against corrupt public officials and corporations. Our firm focuses on matters of taxpayer rights and government transparency to promote an ethical and prosperous democracy.

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Environmental Law

Our environmental work is focused on ensuring responsible land-use planning and practices to protect the public and the environment.

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Taxpayer Dollars Saved: 10M
Public Records Disclosed: 100k
Staff Hours Donated: 10k

What They Say About Us

We care deeply about our clients and are committed to ensuring that they succeed in their endeavors. See what some of our clients have to say about their experience working with attorney Cory Briggs and Briggs Law Corporation.

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Cory Briggs has been helpful to my family and business a few times over the years. Cory has given me great advice and direction that has benefited me financial and emotionally. Keri also, has been very helpful in his office with quick details that I need help with. I would suggest reaching out to Cory when you need legal help. I have referred Cory multiple times with great feedback.

Larry W.

Cory Briggs and his team of professionals are always ready to help. Have a legal question he is there to answer. His advice is always honest and to the point. No nickel and dime billing. You really get what you pay for with Briggs Law

Steve R.

Briggs Law Corp. is very professional and friendly. Cory Briggs and his team has helped me and my family along with many of my clients. Excellent attorney and staff. Very informative and excellent follow up. I have great confidence in Cory and his team. I will definitely continue to recommend.

Michael T.

Five Stars is not enough for Cory Briggs’ Law office. We have used his services for many, many years with great success. He is always helpful, friendly whether it be for our business needs or personal. His staff is also very friendly and helpful. We can’t thank him enough for the assistance over the years.

Audrey G.

Cory Briggs and his staff of attorneys and paralegals are an important part of my real estate business. Their depth of knowledge regarding legal matters, expert document preparation, and very competent representation has always served my firm well. I enthusiastically refer Briggs Law on a regualar basis.

Scott C.

Over the past months that I have worked with Cory Briggs, I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable, ethical, and dedicated to fighting for the good cause.

Andrea S.
What We Stand For

Our Core Values

Service to Others
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Service to Others

At Briggs Law Corporation, we aim to provide high-quality legal representation to those who often find it tough to afford: small businesses and “watchdog” organizations. Small and large businesses face many of the same legal issues, but small businesses cannot afford to have attorneys on staff. Watchdog organizations — concerned citizens making sure that the government follows the rules — are usually unpaid volunteers interested in nothing more than protecting their communities from government wrongdoing, and often they have even fewer resources than small businesses. All of them deserve to be represented by lawyers willing to go toe to toe with government and big-firm lawyers.

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Our firm knows that nothing good comes easy and that the best things in life are worth fighting for.  Our legal system is among the best in the world, but it can be slow and difficult to navigate. For more than 22 years, our team of attorney professionals have provided legal counsel to small businesses, nonprofit organizations and members of the public. We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the legal system’s complexities. Where others might give up — or not even start — we push on.

Transparency and Accountability
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Transparency and Accountability

Shortly after World War II, Winston Churchill reminded the world that democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others.  More recently, federal judge Damon Keith observed that “democracies die behind closed doors.” Briggs Law Corporation agrees with both of them. That’s why government transparency and accountability are among our core values. We fight every day to protect taxpayers and uncover the truth about what government officials are doing on the public’s behalf.

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