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Founded in 2002 by Cory Briggs, Briggs Law Corporation has always been dedicated to fighting for the underdog.  In commercial matters, that means giving small and family-owned businesses, the backbone of a thriving local and national economy, the same quality of legal representation that they’d find at large corporate firms but without the big-firm price.  In public-interest matters, that translates into standing up to the government, politicians, and big corporations when they break rules designed to protect taxpayers, the public, and our environment.

We have a small but dedicated team working out of two Southern California offices: one in Upland, and one in San Diego.  Though located in Southern California, we have been involved in legal matters throughout California and beyond. We took on the federal government when it was forcing Marines to train in raw sewage, we successfully sued state officials when they were having secret meetings with coastal developers, and we beat the City of San Diego and the County of San Bernardino when they tried to impose taxes without voter approval.  For just as long we’ve been doing similar work for private clients on their personal matters.

As Cory explains: “I come from a family that for generations has consisted of both small-business owners such as farmers and merchants and public servants such as volunteer fire-fighters, volunteer search-and-rescue workers, educators, and local elected officials.  All of them dedicated their lives to making their communities a better place while simultaneously providing for their children and grandchildren. I honor those who came before me by using my legal skills to continue what they set in motion.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide top-notch, personalized legal services to small businesses and community activists without the big-firm price.

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