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Donna Frye’s Response to Chargers’ Side-Letter Concessions to Measure C

Donna Frye released the following statement today in response to reports that last week the Downtown Partnership has negotiated a number of concessions to Measure C that were reflected in a side letter signed by Dean Spanos:

I’m glad for the Downtown Partnership’s recent success in getting Charger concessions to Measure C.

However, even with those concessions, Measure D remains far superior to Measure C for three reasons:

1) Measure D contains those same protections, and even more.  And, unlike the Chargers’ concessions in a side letter, Measure D’s protections are actually built into the law and will be legally enforceable.

2) The transient occupancy tax rate under Measure D will be only 14%-15.5%, which is 1%-2.5% lower than the rate under Measure C.  So, Measure D leaves the door open for additional TOT capacity in the future to help pay for other public projects and services if the public votes to do so.

3) Measure D includes the necessary voter approval for the Qualcomm Stadium site to be turned into a public river park, for new active recreational park and open space for the public, and a transit-oriented campus expansion for SDSU and UCSD.  Measure C does nothing for SDSU/UCSD, or for the future beneficial use of Mission Valley.

Measure D is just better for the greater good of all San Diego.

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