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Hoteliers Lose Yet Another Round of Litigation in Desperate Attempt to Save Illegal Waterfront Convention Center Expansion

San Diego’s hotel industry has been trying to defeat several lawsuits filed in 2013, 2014, and 2015 by the San Diego Navy Broadway Complex Coalition to challenge the California Coastal Commission’s approval of an expansion of the San Diego Convention Center on the waterfront (aka the contiguous expansion).  SDNBCC contends that the approval is illegal because the expansion violates the California Coastal Act.  The Bayfront Hilton Hotel recently went to trial on its defense that SDNBCC filed its lawsuits too late, meaning the lawsuits must be dismissed.  After hearing evidence over a three-day period, a judge of the San Diego County Superior Court concluded that the lawsuits are timely and that SDNBCC may go to trial on the merits of its claim against the approval of the waterfront expansion.

You can read the ruling here: Statement_Intended_Decision.

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