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Poway Unified School District Critics Sue District, Board President, and Board Member for Violating Free-Speech Rights

May 24, 2018 Update: Defendants O’Connor-Ratcliff and Zane filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit and a motion for sanctions against the Garniers and their attorneys.  Today a federal judge denied both requests, concluding that the Garniers’ complaint appears to have merit and may proceed toward trial.

Read the judge’s ruling here: Order_Denying_Dismissal-Sanctions.

October 30, 2017: Kimberly and Christopher Garnier, frequent critics of Poway Unified School District and several of its board members, filed a lawsuit today in federal court against the District, board president Michelle O’Connor-Ratcliff, and board member T.J. Zane.  The defendants have blocked the Garniers from commenting on their Facebook and/or Twitter accounts in retaliation for their negative criticism of the defendants.

You can read the lawsuit here: Complaint.

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