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Statement from Attorney Cory Briggs on Forthcoming Lawsuit by Christopher Williams against Lemon Grove City Councilman David Arambula

Last July my client, Christopher Williams, was invited to a meeting with Lemon Grove City Councilman David Arambula, at Mr. Arambula’s residence, to discuss the status of my client’s application for a marijuana-dispensary permit.  Lemon Grove Mayor Racquel Vasquez showed up at the residence after my client did.  During the meeting, Mr. Arambula was drinking – at one point he even began skinny-dipping in his pool – and there was discussion of my client’s application.  The Mayor eventually left, and my client decided to do the same.  (While I have seen the video of Mr. Arambula skinny-dipping, I have not yet been able to secure a copy of the video.)

While my client was inside the residence waiting for his ride, he was severely beaten and could have been killed.  Mr. Arambula snuck up behind my client, hit him in the head with a bottle, and then proceeded to kick, punch, bite, and choke him.  My client suffered serious injuries and had to be treated at a nearby hospital.  Though a police report was filed, my client did not immediately press charges due to fear of retaliation by Mr. Arambula and his past reports of violent behavior.

The City has declined my client’s request to be made whole.  So next month my client will be filing a federal civil-rights lawsuit against Mr. Arambula and the City.  In addition, my client and I will be requesting a meeting with the Interim District Attorney.  Until then, neither my client nor I will have any further comment on the matter.

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