Government & Municipal Litigation

Government & Municipal Litigation

Democracies cannot flourish without transparency and accountability.  That’s why Briggs Law Corp. has grown into one of California’s best-known law firms on matters of government transparency and taxpayer rights.  

Briggs Law Corporation has successfully litigated countless lawsuits against corrupt public officials and corporations in order to invalidate illegal transactions based on bribes, conflicts of interest, secrecy, and taxation without voter approval.  Through these lawsuits, we have recovered millions of dollars for local taxpayers and prevented local governments from imposing more than $1 billion in illegal taxes.

Briggs Law Corporation has also represented community “watchdogs” — everyone from concerned citizens to journalists and oversight organizations — in a variety of lawsuits to obtain information that public officials wanted to keep secret in order to avoid scrutiny, embarrassment, or prosecution.  To date, we have helped these watchdogs uncover more than 100,000 pages of public records that the government tried to keep covered up.

Our lawsuits frequently involve the California Public Records Act, the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act, the Ralph M. Brown Act, the Administrative Procedure Act, and the Freedom of Information Act.

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